He Found Me at the Bottom: by Leslie Love Smith

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He Found Me at the Bottom is a motivational & inspirational book designed to help the exploration of Love for Self, Forgiveness, and finding one’s Life Purpose.

The perfect gift for self and others.

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Welcome to Leslie’s Love Chat!

As a woman who prides myself on being a lady (and yes, there is a difference), I find this blog to be necessary. As we embark upon a time where dating values have become twisted and romantic relationship standards and expectations have reached an all time low, I feel the need to express my voice, lessons and experiences in the matter.

Being that I am not a relationship expert, nor do I consider myself to be a “love doctor”, I must offer this disclaimer that the blogs published from this site are simply my thoughts, opinions and feelings based upon my own dating experiences.

I am a lover of love who has loved, been loved, lost love and is waiting on the 1 of whom I will share love with for life. So thank you for joining me, I look forward to hearing your comments and thoughts. Now without further adieu let’s have some love chat!